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The SecurityFilter Project Home Page

SecurityFilter is a Java Servlet Filter that mimics container managed security. It looks just like container managed security to your app, as you can call request.getRemoteUser(), request.isUserInRole(), and request.getUserPrincipal() and get valid responses. The Security Filter configuration file follows the web.xml standard, which makes it easy to switch to Security Filter from container managed security, or switch back as your requirements or deployment environment details change.

Intended Audience:

SecurityFilter is intended for use by Java web application developers. It provides robust security and automatic authentication services for web applications. It has several important advantages over container managed security that make it an ideal solution for single-context, public web sites, or when it is necessary or simply desirable to avoid the server configuration hassles and portability issues associated with container managed security.

Advantages of SecurityFilter over Container Managed Security:

Current Requirements & Limitations of SecurityFilter:

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